Monday, August 31, 2009

Being Human !

Tired of fashion gurus advising you that shopping is no longer an emotional and impulsive drive but rather a well thought out commitment? How many times have they bombarded the already stressed you with tips on how to shop for basics that can be worn a plethora of times in an equally plethora of ways? Now is the time to break free and turn your back on them! Bring some quirkiness in, don't let the boredom at your workplace creep into your closet, after all we all need something to hold on to and give us cheer! At least that's what I decided, when I made my shopping list this weekend and put on some really queer things in it like the Obama necklace, "face" wedge sandals and the lip clutch! Yes, we all need to celebrate "being human" and what better way than to wear a piece of us reminding our now "down in the dumps" life as to how lucky we are to at least be at the top of the evolution hierarchy!

Bring in some recession inspired chic by sporting an exaggerated khaki shirt that uses trompe l'oeil technique to effortlessly transform itself into a neat jacket, trade those needles for some sketch pens! Loosen up with some harem pants and freak out with some gold shoes with painted toes that save you from your weekly pedicure! Finish off by adding some color shock in the form of a metallic fuchsia clutch, and you are all set to rock the town on your own terms, getting crazy looks from people dressed in moribund basics!

Go on; bring some "humanness" in your wardrobe by making these a part of your fun collection! Have fun while the bad times last...

1.Fuchsia Metallic Snakeskin Lips Clutch by LULU GUINNESS

2.Enamel Lip Necklace by SONIA RYKIEL

3.Wire Hand Earrings In Gold by DELFINA DELETTREZ

4.Suede Bag With Face Detail by DOLCE & GABBANA

5.Gold Toes Shoes by COMME DES GARÇONS

6.Suede Wedge Shoe With Face Detail by DOLCE & GABBANA

7.Exaggerated Harem Trousers by COMME DES GARÇONS


9.Lips Brooches by SONIA RYKIEL

10."Obama" Necklace by YAZBUKEY


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