Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Karl wears the suit and Marc the skirt!

The very people who bring variety into the closets of millions choose to be frugal in their own dressing choices.Why so?Is it because its economical(pun intended), they are doing clothes 24*7 that the very thought of putting one on themselves gives them a great repulsion or is it because the fashion gods cannot afford to commit a fashion faux pas, that they have stuck to extremely narrow choices of dressing?Despite a fertile imagination churning implausible reasons, the ultimate knock off might be a rather boring and contrived one, much like their dressing.

So it goes like this.Its not everyday that the gods descend from their thrones to offer a glimpse of their superior self to the mere mortals!And when that rare occasion happens, the mortals have to recognise their gods in a fleeting second, before the gods disappear.How do the mortals do that? Because the gods are identifiable by their unique style which no mortal would dare to copy(imagine yourself walking on the beach in a suit or going to the movies in a skirt) !

Maybe this phenomenon can be called as "image management"! Just the way one cannot think of Chanel without the interlocking Cs, so cannot one separate Karl from his suit!Quick recall factor after all matters, otherwise Karl would never be snapped walking in Saint Tropez, and even if he were, there would always linger in the minds of the mortals a nagging doubt whether it was their God or some impostor! And ya as for Marc, poor Marc he cannot do the suit(you know why) and so he decided to wear the skirt or should I be polite and say kilt?

If anyone knows a better reason, please do keep me informed!


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Blank Label said...

perhaps the fashion gods cannot feel comfortable in anything else. i know I personally hate wearings certain things, and I feel naked if I am not wearing certain things. Karl's gotta wear his suit or he'll feel naked. and although it is nice to be naked sometimes, Karl feels that without his suit he is in an uncomfortable state of naked.