Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who Is It ?

The weekend is finally creeping in, giving us time to breathe, muse and recuperate.So why don't you scratch your head a bit and solve this tiny picture puzzle?For all of those fashionistas out there you have every little fashion moment stored away in their memory, flex your grey cells and pop out the answer!! Since its "puzzle time" after a really long hiatus, things are simple only this week, so this might be your last chance at actually solving fashion puzzles!!

To be fair to all, here is a little clue.This person is known for getting dangerously close!!And its not enough if you just id the person, to prove that it isn't just a wild guess I would like you to give me details of the time and place where this was photo was taken.It couldn't get tougher, could it?


Name said...

Galliano for Dior, Haute Couture S/S 05. There you go. :)

P Adhikari said...

Good try but NO, remember you need to get the person as well as where/when the photo was taken to be deemed to have answered it right!! Keep scratching your head and fire those neurons!!

Name said...

Oh, well, I raise my hands and I surrender then! :)

I thought it was his bow at that fashion show but now when I recall, he did that "hand under the coat" thing two times in a row. Is that even Galliano?

P Adhikari said...

ok, I intended to give away the answer the coming Friday, when I post my next puzzle, but to satiate all curious people, I'll do it right away.Check my next post for the answer... ;-)