Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A killer that lurks the Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear show!

When Maison Martin Margiela showcased his Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear sending models "incognito" on the runway, their faces blanked out by stocking scarves little did anyone imagine that that might become the defacto dress code by next Spring! With fashion week commencing in a few days the frenzy is already palpable. The last minute rush to the hair salon, the clipping and polishing of nails, the finalising of the wardrobe and subsequent dry cleaning of the same coupled with the detox diet and the stamina increasing exercises, the list of to dos for anyone right from the designers responsible for the show to the celebrities and fashion editors buzzing around shows held back to back, are unimaginable! And while caught in the midst of this frenzy do we all have the time to think of an additional concern that should lurk somewhere in the minds of all the fashion week attendees, namely the swine flu? What with the Fashion Week attracting folks from all over the world and the many handshakes and the socialising that ensues can we all afford to ignore the flu and be suspended in the euphoria of fashion fantasy accorded by the Fashion Week? A look at the "swine flu map" doesn't make things better, every city where Fashion Week is held falls under the regions already affected by the flu. So how does one stay protected in a time when travel should be made only when absolutely necessary and handshakes reduced to a bare minimum? Maybe sneezing in a hankie and using bacterial wipes can go a long way in containing the infection. Best if we could all get adventurous and mask our faces like the Margiela girls of Spring 2009!

So its question time once again! If you are attending the Fashion Week is swine flu one of your concerns? If you are worried what are the precautions you are taking to combat it?



tiffBit said...

Combat? or prevent? My school has anti bacterial gel stands at every entrance. Possibly fashion week would consider doing likewise? It's always important to be concerned, but not OCD. Just wash the hands....

P Adhikari said...

With the innumerable hand shakes, kissing and crowding around that happens during the shows it pays to be cautious!