Thursday, September 10, 2009

Front Row Mavericks:Day 1 2010 Spring New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week grabs as much eyeballs off the ramp as it does on it! Only the Fashion Week attendees know how much thought goes into their wardrobe planning, and this is especially true of the Front Row occupants captured on camera and splashed across continents to be appreciated, judged and critiqued.In this series named "Front Row Mavericks" I would be featuring all those fashionable fashionistas who truly stood out not necessarily for their impeccable fashion sense but for daring to dress differently and making a visual impact on me.In the sea of well dressed fashionistas, see what it takes to stand out.

As readers I want you to think about interesting captions to describe what they are wearing, whether you would dare to wear their outfits and more importantly let me know if you came across anyone who has impressed you with their unconventional dressing at the Fashion Week.Please note that we aren't necessarily talking about well dressed people here but people who got our rods and cones(visual senses) tickled in the most profound way!

Here goes today's picks from the Front Row!

Pictured above is Leigh Lezark of The MisShapes attending Davidelfin's show.She is a DJ-cum-model and its not surprising to find DJs and singers dress crazy(think Lady GaGa, M.I.A) and its recession and we are supposed to make do with what's in our wardrobe most of the times and not reach out for the plastic, get creative, sew our own little somethings and all that but still does that necessarily have to translate to digging out your high school swimwear from your closet's bottom, attaching a pair of sleeves to it and wearing it with a gauzy skirt whose lining had been moth eaten years ago and in the process shock the daylights out of the poor guy sitting next to you? Seriously is this called " wardrobe recycling"? So what exactly is the guy on the right thinking, any ideas?

Model Cory Kennedy too is attending the Davidelfin show wearing an excuse of a top that looks like two shirts fused together.Now you know what to do with your boyfriend's unused shirts!Fashion magazines please stop advising people to recycle their wardrobes, its disastrous effects can be seen here.

How do you like the mavericks of today?


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