Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Style this!

We are no strangers to the "mystery man of fashion" Maison Martin Margiela's futuristic, quirky designs expressed through the most unusual of materials ranging from wigs to sealing tapes! That the latest offering from Monsieur Margiela should be mono-lens sunglasses while coming as no surprise, still challenges us to find means of sporting it! The important question is how do you wear this? Like his Spring 2009 collection, should we cover our faces all over with hair(a novel way of protection from the sun) so that this mono-lens could offer an x-ray vision?Is it meant to cover the entire nose as well?

Would you wear this, if so how and which celeb do you think is most likely to sport the mono-lens? Any thoughts? Lady Gaga sure hits me as a likely candidate, anyone else?

Image Source:www.guardian.co.uk www.catwalking.com


M. Harmsen said...

Perhaps Kanye West. It seems he's always pushing the envelope or so he thinks.

P Adhikari said...

Yup Kanye West could be appropriate, see Rihanna in a freakier shade http://fashionfifthavenue.blogspot.com/2009/09/rihanna-does-goth.html