Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gucci girl: tough, intelligent and skinny!

Creator:Frida Giannini

Inspiration:Extreme sports, LBD, modern femininity, bag hardware, patterns from Indonesia and Uzbekisthan, recession

Color Palette:Largely monochrome(white, grey and black) with tribal patterns interpreted in combinations of cobalt, fluoro orange and pink or black and white.

Collection's Composition:Body con dresses either slit in a criss-cross way or manipulated with elements from the accessories department: harness straps for shoulders, silken cords in metal piping, intricately knotted through O rings joined together with buckles forming halter necks, silken cords knotted through metal Gucci horse bit for belts, high waisted pants and mini skirts inset with sports meshes, moto cross jackets and crocodile bikers, leather skirt suits with laces corseting the side seams and front of the skirt and a monokini tethered with silver hardware and silken cords.

Pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance:

Accessories:Shoes and bags in plush leather embellished with silver "bag" hardware, belts and bracelets comprising of Gucci horse bit. The lattice "stocking" boots could be one of the IT shoes of Spring 2010!

Philosophy behind Collection:This collection is strongly reflective of the current times of economic turmoil, the silhouette and the "bag" hardware used heavily throughout the collection are proof enough for this.In emphasising a super skinny silhouette to such an extent resulting in the total elimination of free flowing gowns that were so characteristic of her past collections, Frida stresses that any form of excess right from physical to material is out.Her choice of using hardware from the accessories department should not be construed as her drawing from her past experience of being the head of Gucci accessories (way before she took charge of the ready to wear collections), but rather as a deliberate attempt to send across the message that fashion is more about attitude and creativity than mere opulence.By eliminating jewellery of the usual kind and instead using harness straps, clasps, buckles as substitutes for precious metals and stones, she confirmed that an imaginative mind can turn even the most dull objects into sophisticated pieces of art!

Her injection of optimism into the collection through kilim patterns from Uzbekisthan is commendable for her attention to detail.For example the dress shown below sports Anatolian motifs that symbolise fertility and happiness(the black line in the centre) encased in a symbol that wards off evil eye(the white triangle with orange spikes)! Is Frida wishing the wearers of her dress eternal happiness? Who could have thought that even dresses have a story to tell?

Her jump into extreme sportswear inspired dresses in addition to conveying a dare devil attitude also ushers in a new era heralded by innovation in fabrics concocted in labs by scientists.

To summarise, optimism, prudence, toughness and intelligence are the ingredients in Frida's spring 2010 fashion pie!


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