Saturday, September 12, 2009

Front Row Mavericks:Day 3 2010 Spring New York Fashion Week

After a rather slim picking on Day 2, Day 3 threw in quite an array of eyebrow raising fashion in the form of bright colors and odd accessories at the Front Row.

Writer Patrick Mcdonald grabbed tons of attention at the Academy of Art University fashion show with his never ending eyebrows, little bunny peeping out of his coat pocket, a tie adding a pop of color to his predominantly monochromatic look and finally upped the craziness of his entire look with some odd shoes and striped socks. Any fashion followers for Partick's unique style?

Fern Mallis, the Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion was spotted at the Academy of Art University fashion show wearing a bright jacket in red and black accessorised with a bunch of chunky necklaces seemingly grabbed in a hurry from the jewel box(how else can one explain all those odd shapes of necklaces so harmoniously hanging from the neck?)! Though there was nothing overtly freaky about her appearance still she managed to stand out!

Stylists necessarily have to dress either like they have no style(which helps you appreciate better the work they do on their clients) or like they have a style thats only comprehensible to them! Stylist Derek Warburton made no exception to these rules when he landed up at the Georges Chakra show wearing a lace shirt sans vest, a green pyjama and a flashy purse all of which could have belonged to the shew who serves cold porridge for 5 cents and yells at all her customers!

Rosemary Ponzo's dress code for the Front Row is always "anyting in black" right from her dress to the ribbons stuck up her hair and yet there is always something that differentiates each of her looks! Good or bad, she never goes unnoticed!

Well the recession might force people to cut corners in many imaginative ways one of which could be buying yards of fabric and sharing them with your buddies(the more your buy, the bigger the discount), and the other, buying merchandise that rots on the shelf for months and gets discounted to almost a few cents like these boots with toe separators that Tristan Christann is seen wearing at the Academy of Art University fashion show!


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