Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John Galliano, plays the Incroyable!

John Galliano attended the inauguration of the exhibition "Tyen:30 Years of Creation" at the Palais de Tokyo Museum dressed as a Muscadin(Incroyable).It cannot be more apt that in dressing for an event commemorating Tyen's(the creative director of cosmetics at Dior who also had shot innumerable fashion and beauty campaigns for Dior) work, he went all the way back by 25 years to slip into his first creation, namely Les Incroyables.Maybe he is also drawing parallels between the turbulent times of today and those that existed post French Revolution in 1790s when all forms of ornateness in dressing were scorned at and the Incroyables dressed in a manner reflecting that sentiment! Talk about thoughtful dressing and see who comes to your mind first!


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