Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carrie Bradshaw returns to peddle her wares...

Seriously, do we all need a Sex and the City 2? After playing the sorry role of a 30 something woman with a 12 year old brain and to some extent physique (minus the wrinkled, shrivelled face of course) do we need another video shopping catalogue masquerading as a movie? Judging by these photos taken during the shooting of the sequel, the grandma has definitely returned with a vengeance abandoning her Manolos for Louboutins and all too eager to display her new sartorial acquisitions trying in a limp way to tempt audience(read females pointlessly lusting after high end merchandise) into buying a thing or two of her wares.

Fashion industry seems to have dreamt of being a permanent fixture in la la land, and when its been thrown out of it rather rudely, its behaving like a little child desperately seeking attention, first it threw the "September Issue" tantrum, followed by a "Fashion's Night Out" and then "Sex and the City 2"!Does it ever think of maybe strengthening its core namely going back into the design rooms and try and do something differently and try and seduce people with genuine creativity rather than relying in the "dumb products good marketing strategy" days of the gilded era when the world was teeming with ibankers and their excesses!

And by the way wasn't Carrie Bradshaw's husband an ibanker, looks like he got to save his job and stash away his millions in a safe place, at least the shoot seems to suggest that, a pointless far from reality stupid video catalogue of a movie!


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tiffBit said...

Someone is going to have to die in S&C 2. Who is it going to be? Bigg with a heart attack?