Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cosette meets her Saviour

With the passage of time Fantine finds it harder and harder to meet Thénardiers' demands and forces herself into prostitution with the intent of providing a good life for her daughter.While refusing to oblige a man on the street she gets picked up by the police and as chance would have it, she bumps into her previous employer Monsieur Madeleine who not only delivers her from the police but also provides for her.(Till then he is unaware of how unjustly Fantine's supervisor had fired her.)However, Fantine due to her hard life thus far gets afflicted with tuberculosis and dies, with a promise from Monsieur Madeleine that her daughter would be cared for and brought up the way she had dreamed.

Things aren't any better at the inn of Montfermeil, as each day Cosette is treated worse than the previous day.One night it so happens that a traveller staying at the inn complained of insufficient water for his horse and Cosette is forced to go deep into the forest to fetch water.With great trepidation she enters the forest, trembling in her frail dress.On her way back, as she struggles to balance the weight of the bucket, she finds a hand lending her support.The person helping her is none other than Monsieur Madeleine and over the course of his conversation with Cosette he learns that she is Cosette and it really breaks his heart to see her in such misery and he resolves in his mind to undo all the injustice meted out to her so far.


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