Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Trends 2009 : Be a Jeanius

If you had always thought that there were only so many different ways of sporting denim, then think again!!This spring cling on to denim while doing jumpsuits, harem pants, prints, mini dresses, well the list just seems endless.So trade those typical "skinny jeans" look for some variety and you will be convinced that you could live on denim alone this season, without appearing a bore!! Also enjoy your summer in the relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans(in vogue this season) and though, what with recession doing the rounds and the misleading name, while it might be tempting to stealthily flick one from your man's wardrobe, resist the temptation, for unfortunately boyfriend jeans too is cut keeping in mind a female's silhouette(fits snugly around the hips and is relaxed down the legs).And a final piece of advice for all you folks out there, "unisex jeans" cannot exist without the emergence of unisex human.So please don't try to convince yourself and others that its cool to walk around in a man's jeans.Its so NOT!!

Look, there's a new painter in town!!

I have the freedom of movement!!

A stitch in time saves nine!!

There's space for two!!

I love my second skin!!

Straight from the fields!!

Playing the little girl!!


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