Friday, March 13, 2009

Cosette's Coat

The evil Thénardiers while on one hand torturing Cosette with hard household chores, on the other hand used to repeatedly make demands through letters to Fantine(Cosette's mom) asking her to send more money either for treatment of some malicious illness that had struck Cosette or for her good up keeping.Fantine, believing Thénardiers to the letter worked hard at a factory in her hometown of Montreuil-sur-Mer saving every sous she could, thinking that it would help her daughter's upbringing.The Thénardiers however continue to treat Cosette as bad as possible, while spoiling their own daughters with dolls and good clothes.

As luck would have it, Fantine's supervisor at the factory got to know of Fantine's motherhood, suspected her of poor character and consequently dismisses her from the factory.Fantine though jobless still gets persistent demands for money from Thénardiers.Driven by extreme need, she sells her beautiful long hair to pay the Thénardiers.After some time passes, the Thénardiers inform Fantine that Cosette is in desperate need of a coat to keep herself warm.And thats when Fantine sells her two front teeth, buys a coat with the money and sends it to the Thénardiers.The Thénardiers expecting money, are enraged on seeing the coat, they give the coat to their daughter while poor Cosette shivers as usual.


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