Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fall 2009 Trends : Play Peek-a-Boo

During Depression women stopped wearing under wear, those were the extremes they went to cut corners.With the economy in no great shape and a lot of designers toying around with transparent dresses, is the "no under wear" era making a comeback?Fret not for there could be other reasons why they are immensely popular with designers.Why would designers place so much importance on transparent sheath like dresses which they know would never be worn, the way its showcased on the runway?The primary reason is that these dresses are a subtle way of reminding people that in all the hullabaloo surrounding the tons of glorious dresses displayed during the fashion week, the body which these dresses are meant to adore shouldn't be forgotten and is there a better way to pay tribute to the beautiful bodies behind these dresses?The other reason for which I find them alluring is the ethereal fantastical element they add to the runway and subsequently to fashion, afterall what is fashion without fantasy?And the third most important reason that I would cotton on to, is that these dresses give the most flexibility to express your individuality, its almost like the designer just handed over a canvas to you and asked you to express yourself as it suits you, right from contrasting corsets to matching ones to layering, the options of carrying off these transparent beauties just seem endless.So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and wear them the way you want, creating an unique look that would make even the designers rethink whether its their design that's so tastefully worn!!

Can you help me find the missing piece?

I'm the recessionista, who wears only the bare necessities.

Darn the crow that took off with my corset!!

Did I leave something at home?

I'm the Spartan bride.


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