Monday, March 16, 2009

John Galliano's Fall 2010 Inspiration

After John Galliano's journey through the Silk route and his brief flirtation with Russia, its only so natural for the curiously inclined to wonder where his imagination will land him next? And the answer is the once magical exotic land of snake charmers, elephant mahouts which had now transformed itself into a receptacle of "outsourced" jobs.With a population close to a billion plus and the entire bourgeois' aspiration squaring on a career in information technology as a passport to a five figure salary, its only so natural that software jobs come to India by the millions.Without further digression from the topic, the current economic downturn in the US and Europe black holing all spending habits, its the emerging markets like China and India that hold sway for the luxury markets.The new emerging rich of India cannot wait to flaunt their ever more newly acquired wealth.

In addition to the economic compulsions, India is a land of diversity with as many as two dozen spoken languages, each state having its unique culture, cuisine and clothes.So whether its the Kancheepuram silks of Tamil Nadu, the mundus of Kerala, the chikan embroideries of Lucknow or the cotton sarees of Bengal, there is never a dearth for design inspiration and as for translating all these to the runway, who else but John Galliano, with his expansive imagination, can do better justice?



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Galliano posts! He looks so cute! :)

P Adhikari said...

Not a problem.The pleasure is mine.J'adore Galliano ;-)