Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Trends 2009 : Go Nude

Spring usually evokes thoughts of bright colors, of lime green, fuchsia, orange and canary yellow.While all these colors are definitely welcome, given the overload of grays and blacks done during Fall, this spring it is worth tucking in some neutral shades in between the brights, for not only do they break the pattern of your dressing, but also avoid you being labelled as "Miss Flash Light", and remember the more extensive your color palette, the broader are your options of mix and match.

One common concern regarding the color is of doing it without looking pale and washed out.Another most used to perception is, think nude, think formals, most cannot think beyond the nude trousers.The beauty of the color is that it can be worked in many different ways, right from a canvas for embellishments(they make them stand out making you the shimmering queen of the evening), to creating contrasting looks with colors like black, violet to just plain nude with interesting details worked in, the options are truly endless.

The important trick in working nude is to subtly contrast the look with your skin tone.If you choose to do nude in a shade close to your skin color, contrast it with black or go in for shimmer or embellishments as they make the look stand out.In case of doing plain vanilla nude, choose a shade at least two shades lighter than your skin tone, and make sure the dress has some detailing in the form of frills, origami folds, ruffles or layering.Still left wondering how to get your nude look right? Learn from the runways of Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear, to play with nude in more ways than one!!

On my way back from the crafts class.

Spot me!!

I'm a girl of sharp contrasts.

I gotta go swimming after the party.

I'm the definition of power dressing.

I'm the centre of the universe.

I'm all tied to myself.

Did I just step out of your dream?


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