Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Go Exotic..

Of late I have been getting a lot of queries about how to shop in tough times, what to buy and whether at all to shop. While the days of going out for lunch and coming back with a feather shoe(bought for no apparent reason and would most likely spend its lifetime at the bottom of the closet) might seem a bit far fetched now, investing in pieces that would always remain trendy and can be worn with a lot of options could be the order of the day.And what better way to trend proof your wardrobe, than to enrich them with some exotic pieces?A python handbag or shoe could never really go out of style in addition to giving the wearer a plethora of options to pair them with.Go ahead, make a wise splurge that gets amortized to your advantage!!!

Want to be trend right and make an exotic statement this spring? Include these in your closet.

1.DKNY Snakeprint Strapless Dressicon


MonkAre said...

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P Adhikari said...

Thanks, as always your comments are of great value to me.Keep visiting for more fun with fashion :-)