Sunday, March 29, 2009

Louis Vuitton Hand Fans, a Vulgar Luxury?

I certainly prefer the beautiful painted hand fans(like the one above) to the monogrammed monstrosities of Louis Vuitton, unless of course I'm paid by the company to carry it around with me as a means of advertisement!! These fans are crass, lack class and seem to shout an "in-your-face" kind of snobbishness.

Please tell me who is brain dead enough to be seen fanning themselves with these?



Wedding Hand Fans said...

With so many Weddings being held outdoors these days don’t forget the ever increasingly popular wedding hand fans, which can be printed one color or full color. Many wedding planners are even suggesting using hand fans as wedding favors, which can have the couples picture, vows, date, etc printed on them.

Save the date magnets are also a great wedding invitation to send out to endure family and loved ones keep that special date in mind.

chromium dumb belle said...

oh no!!! Those are TERRIBLE....why do some designers just LOVE to ruin wonderful things...great blog btw... x

P Adhikari said...

Thanks, chromium dumb belle :-)

P Adhikari said...
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