Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Trends 2009 : Its Black, its White..

A world devoid of color, removed from excesses of all kinds, complexities of every nature, where every question has just two answers an yes or a no!! Wow, how simple is that world, how easy on the mind and clean on the heart, where there are no compromises to be made, no middle path to be chosen, where a person is either good or bad, things are either pretty or ugly.. A life of absolutes, of extremes, of.. Oops I dozed off while gazing at the various monochrome looks paraded on the runways this Spring.Ladies, while we still don't have the "Utopian one-way-or-the-other" world, at least we can incorporate that in our dressing.Stop fussing about all those shades and hues and embrace the basic colors of black and white and see the magic they work on you, the same way they did on these beauties..

All eyes on me!!

Never criss-cross my way..

Anyone for a game of checkers?

Pocket full of roses..

Look, I got my origami lessons right!!



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