Friday, March 6, 2009

Work to Play...

Recession time invariably leads to introspection into one's state of affairs.You think of all the time gone by, how you were ambitious to climb the social ladder ever since you probably set foot on earth, how you happily skipped playing with your community's kids preferring to dirty your hands in Fermat's theorem, how those ambitions saw you through an ivy league b-school and landed you the much coveted i-banker job right in the heart of Manhattan, how life was suddenly glamorised by Dior purses and caviar lunches and just when you started relishing the "happiness" that you had sought after for so long, the economy plummets and you feel as if the somebody pulled the rug under you!! With salaries dwarfed, bonuses vapourised, work hours increased, the futility of your dreams of a "cosy life" dawn on you.You get no sympathy from anyone, especially when you are one of those lucky few who have a place to go to every morning and another to come back to every evening.Just as you are juggling these thoughts on a late Saturday morning, you are catapulted into reality rather rudely by the sharp buzzing of your cell phone and who else could it be but your BOSS reminding you about that all important presentation on Monday morning subsequently followed by dinner in Pizza Hut(yep, things had gone that stale). During heydays you would jump at such opportunities, willing to showcase your beauty and brains, giving a killer presentation during the day in your structured Armani suit and knocking everyone off their feet with that red Valentino dress in the evening!! Now those times looked distant as if they never existed and dressing is more of a chore than a pleasure.Take cheer girl, times are dark but a little bit of thought dedicated to the dressing department will see you seamlessly through your day to night look with minimal changes.Here's how:

Get the look:

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Refer to "Runway Chic in your Spring Closet" for the rest of the items.


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