Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kim plays the Recessionista

Leave it to Kim to teach you a thing or two about coping with recession.You have unearthed from your closet those accessories which you never thought would see the light of the day, but now are planning to pass off as vintage, but what about the dress?You have rummaged your entire closet and you cannot find a single decent piece that you deem "recyclable".So what do you do?Buy a cotton kaftan, those don't cost much anyways, cinch it at the waist and lo behold you have transformed your nightgown into a "fashionable" dress.Only with Kim, we could still see through the "kaftan-to-day-dress" part.Hope you guys do a better job in camouflaging the origin of your dress.Get creative to beat the recession and have fun with fabrics albeit the right way!!


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